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Poker is… a fascinating, wonderful, intricate adventure on the high seas of human nature.
~David A. Daniel

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PostHeaderIcon Poker Strategy – Live and Online Games

While the game of poker is extremely popular and is played all over the world, the advent of the internet and thereby the online casinos and special poker rooms, has made it even more popular. As per the reviews of many players of both formats of the game, there is difference between games played online and those played live in a land based casino. However, those who love playing poker are not deterred by these factors, and they follow the basic rules and strategies to play poker.

In the game of online poker, it is the common practice among players to over value their cards. Since there are no live players in front of them, making the call and re-raising the bet seems a viable strategy. While this may be a common strategy in online poker games, it is rarely seen in poker games played at land-based casinos. There, such strategies are not considered good and therefore, not followed by players.

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