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Poker is… a fascinating, wonderful, intricate adventure on the high seas of human nature.
~David A. Daniel

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PostHeaderIcon Poker Strategy – Live and Online Games

While the game of poker is extremely popular and is played all over the world, the advent of the internet and thereby the online casinos and special poker rooms, has made it even more popular. As per the reviews of many players of both formats of the game, there is difference between games played online and those played live in a land based casino. However, those who love playing poker are not deterred by these factors, and they follow the basic rules and strategies to play poker.

In the game of online poker, it is the common practice among players to over value their cards. Since there are no live players in front of them, making the call and re-raising the bet seems a viable strategy. While this may be a common strategy in online poker games, it is rarely seen in poker games played at land-based casinos. There, such strategies are not considered good and therefore, not followed by players.

The use of aces holds importance in the game of poker and therefore, here are some rules or strategies, which one should follow while playing online poker:

  • A player holding aces becomes aggressive in an online game of poker. This may be because of the lack of physically present opponents, to read their mind. However, playing with the ace jack or ace rag hand is common in online poker but this is a risky and dangerous strategy and one should use it only if he is fully aware of what he is doing and the likely effect that it might have on the game and his chips.
  • Pairing the ace can be troublesome if any of the opponents has a better ace. Therefore, this should be done only if you feel that there are no other options and this could be the winning hand.
  • If the pairing of the aces might bring trouble it is better to show the flop even though for cheap because if the flop is not improving, you may be able to release the hand fast.
  • A better way to deal with such conditions is to save the aces and your chips for a better hand some time later.

While the online format of the game of poker might be slightly different from that of live or offline poker, the basic rules of the game remain the same. Therefore, a player must use his discretion and judgment in an online game just as in an offline game. The main aim of the game is similar in both the cases; therefore, there is no need to veer from the basic rules of the game. To win an online game, a player needs to optimally judge each hand and try to win it each time. Knowing the odds and the pitfalls and being able to manage them efficiently is the key to winning poker, whether offline or online. One should remember these strategies to always be in the game and win lots of money each time.


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