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PostHeaderIcon Learn how to calculate the pot odds

Pot odds are the odds the pot is “offering” to you when you are to call. This is the amount of money in the pot comparing to the amount of money you are to bet in order to stay in the game. For example: Let’s say you have only one opponent on the flop, there are $ 10 in the pot and your opponent makes a bet of $ 5. This way your opponent’s bet now becomes a part of the pot i.e. you are offered $ 15 for the price of $ 5. I you express it as a fraction that will be 15:5. In order to simplify the ratio, always try to make the right side equal to 1. In order to do that, you should divide the right part into 5 ( 5/ 5 = 1). Basic mathematical rules say that any operation that you make with one part of proportion, you should make with the other part as well. And since you have divided the right part to 5, you should divide into 5 the left part too ( 15 / 5 = 3). Then the new proportion will be: 3-1 (You may also skip a step by dividing the left part to the right one (15/5) in order to determine the left part of the new proportion). So in this situation the pot odds are equal to 3-1.


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